Associate Unions

Union Name Tel
Hong Kong Teachers' Union 2770-3918
Hong Kong Logistics Management Staff Association 2771-6180
Hong Kong School Clerical Staff Union 2717-1485
The Hong Kong Executive, Administrative & Clerical Staff Association  2507-5500
Hong Kong Federation of Journalists 2832-5822
The Hong Kong Golf Caddies Union 2603-1305
Hong Kong Productivity Council Employees Association 2384-2026
Association of Hong Kong Railway Transport Professional 2827-2226
Hong Kong Information Technology Professionals Association Limited  
Electrical & Audio Visual Trades Employees Association 2388-8660
Hong Kong Massage & Physiotherapy Professional General Union  
Hong Kong Chiropractors and Medical Staff Union 2392-3323
Funeral Services Employees Association 2832-9181
Hong Kong Medicine Workers General Union Yee Shing  
Schneider Electric Employees Association  
Hong Kong electrical Heating Equipment Professional Employees Association  
HK Catering MastersNational Occupational Qualification Association 2394-8261
Hong Kong Legal Professionals Association  
Hong Kong E-Logistics Practitioners Association 2771-2568
Guardforce Staff General Union 2832-9181
The Federation of Hong Kong Writers 2891-3443
Vocational Training Council Instructors & Training center Teaching Staff Association  
Hong Kong Landscape and Arboriculture Professionals General Union  
Hong Kong securities & Futures Employees Union  
Vocational Training Council Industrial Training Officer Grade Association  
Vocational Training Council Non -Teaching Staff Union  
Hospitality Industry Training and Development Centre & Chinese Cuisine Training Institute Instructors and Staff Union 3552-9625
Public Services Security Association  
Association of Government Cultural Services Assistants 2355-7268
Fish Marketing Organization Employees Union 2307-8375
Social Welfare Department Teachers' Union  
Association of Inspectors of Apprentices  
Hong Kong Police force Civilian Officers' Union   
Association of Government Calligraphists  
Education Department Technical Education and Industrial Training Staff Association  
Government Social Security Staff Association   2562-2516
Public Services Employees General Union  
Hong Kong Junior Civil Servants Association 2392-3323
Hong Kong Government Food And Environmental Hygiene Department Staff General Union     
Government Municipal Staff General Union 2394-7439
Hong Kong Food and Environmental Hygiene Supervisory Staffs Union  
Hong Kong Environmental Hygiene Staff Union Supervisor and Workman   
Chinese Permanent Cemeteries Supervisory and Clerical Staff Union  
Hong Kong Government Municipal Services General Grades Staff Union  
Hong Kong Post Contract Staff Union 2392-3323
Government Logistics Department Printing Technician Union  
Housing Department Estate Assistant Grade General Union  
Housing Department Estate Assistants Association  
Housing Department Estate Artisans Grade Association  
Housing Department Technical Staff Association  
Government Traffic Assistant Union  
Hong Kong Traffic Wardens Union  
Government Drivers Safety Association  
Government Land Transport Drivers Union 2519-0110
Government Drivers Union  
Hong Kong Physiotherapy Artisans Association  
Hong Kong Hospital Operating Theatre Assistants' Association  
H.K. Prosthetics & Orthotics Artisans Association    
Buildings department Non-Civil Service Contrract Staff  Association  2392-3323
Hospital Authority Workers Phlebotomists Association  
Hong Kong Ceiling and Partition Workers Union 2388-6887
Cathay Pacific Services Employees Union 2321-2312
Hong Kong social Workers and Welfare Employees Union 2529-8216
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