Union Name Tel
Hong Kong & Kowloon Spinning, Weaving & Dyeing Trade Workers General Union 2416-7561
The Association of Managerial, Clerical And Technical Employees in Manufacturing Industry 2780-3973
Hong Kong Metal and Electronic Industries General Union 2780-7893
Hong Kong and Kowloon Rubber & Plastic Workers General union 2321-4209
Hong Kong Manufacturing Industry Employees General Union 2327-0331
Toys, Gifts and Employees Union 2321-4209
Garment Fashion Practitioners Association 2328-0951
Hong Kong Silk and Fibre Trade Union 2414-0694
Hong Kong Metal Manufacturing Industry Workers' Union 2492-3837
Union of Workers of Swire Group Companies, Hong Kong 2562-1633
Nanyang Brothers Tobacco Company Employees Union of Hong Kong 2460-4280
Hong Kong Printing Industry Workers Union 2381-4257
Hong Kong and Kowloon Shoe Trade Workers Union








Hong Kong Footweat Professionals Association
Hong Kong Wearing Apparel Industry Employees General Union
Apparel Merchandising Professionals Association
Hong Kong and Kowloon Western-styled Lady Dress Makers Guild
Hong Kong & Kowloon Machine-sewing Workers Union 
Hong Kong and Kowloon Sewing and Tailoring Trade Workers' Union
Shanghai Tailoring Workers General Union
Hong Kong and Kowloon European-Style Tailors Union
Hong Kong Fur & Leather Trades Employees Union
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